E-Biking Dachstein Salzkammergut

Dachstein Salzkammergut

Obertraun Foto Viorel Munteanu 5 KopieHallstatt Herbst 2014 Foto Viorel Munteanu 29 KopieFruehling Gosausee Dachstein Foto Munteanu Viorel 2 KopieWanderung Wanderfreunde Hallstaettersee Foto Gasteiger Christoph 92Mountainbiken Salzkammergut Foto Ooe Tourismus 121 Kopie
Obertraun Foto Viorel Munteanu 5 Kopie
Hallstatt Herbst 2014 Foto Viorel Munteanu 29 Kopie
Fruehling Gosausee Dachstein Foto Munteanu Viorel 2 Kopie
Wanderung Wanderfreunde Hallstaettersee Foto Gasteiger Christoph 92
Mountainbiken Salzkammergut Foto Ooe Tourismus 121 Kopie

Dachstein Salzkammergut - ebike holiday destination

World Heritage Region- Tradition and breathtaking landscapes in the heart of Europe

The biking network in the Dachstein Salzkammergut covers an impressive 1,450 kilometers. From pretty alpine tours, to comfortable leisure rides and trails around the lake, everyone will find the perfect stretch for their ability and experience. Between rides, beautiful views and rustic huts with their regional specialties invite you to recover you strength. Even away from the bike trails there are countless attractions and points of interest to enjoy.


Hallstatt and the Salt Mines: Culture you can reach out and touch

Hallstatt is, without doubt, one of Europe’s cultural highlights, and is well worth a visit. Above the village can be found the oldest salt mine in the world. This is still in operation today, and a guided tour of its galleries makes for a very interesting excursion. There are numerous historic buildings clustered around the market square in the heart of the village. The picturesque houses nestle together between the steep mountain sides and the shore of the lake, and create a unique panoramic picture. Other attractions include the historic excavations, the museum and the circular theme trail. Discover more about the lives of the Celts, Romans and salt miners who once lived here.


The Majestic Dachstein: a mountain with a character of its own

This mountain massif is known also by the locals as „King Dachstein“. Its peaks tower majestically into the sky, and its glacial ice glistens all year round. At the foot of the mountain, the idyllic Lake Gosau is perfect for flat walks. There are a multitude of trails leading through meadows and areas of high mountain pasture, and there are numerous rustic wooden huts where you can stop off and take a break and enjoy the panoramic views. There are many mountain gondolas throughout the region, including the one which takes you up to the   „5fingers“ viewing platform on the Krippenstein. From here visitors enjoy fantastic views down to Lake Hallstatt and the surrounding area.


Authentic handicrafts in the Hand.Werk.Haus

Traditional handicrafts have always been important here in the Dachstein Salzkammergut. Many local people can be seen wearing traditional dress, including leather trousers. The manufacture of violins, carpentry or the making of traditional national costume are skills that have been handed down from generation to generation. These local crafts are exhibited in the Hand.Werk.Haus Bad in Goisern.


Tour Tips

Discover the beauty of the landscape and the attractions of this World Heritage region with an E-Bike.

The World Heritage Round leads you through the picturesque landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Region Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut. After the start in Bad Goisern, the tour leads along the Hallstatt lake eastern shore trail. An imposing suspension bridge passes directly over the deepest section of the lake. Past the Hallstatt train station, the trail next arrives in Obertraun. Here a detour with the cable car onto the Krippenstein is recommended, up to the “5fingers” viewing platform or the World Heritage spiral. The inside of the mountain too has its secrets, such as the Dachstein giant ice caves or the mammoth cave. From Obertraun the path then takes you further along towards Hallstatt into the Heart of the World Heritage Region. In the historical town of Hallstatt, the Salt Mines offer a look into the world of salt excavation. With the ferry the trip from the center of town the trail then returns to the eastern shore of the Hallstatt lake and from there back towards the start of the journey.