E-Biking Oberstaufen in Allgäu

Oberstaufen in Allgäu

Oberstaufen Mtb Alpe Neugreut 04aNordic Walking Imberg 31 OberstaufenOberstaufen Huettenleben 11Oberstaufen Kuehe 04Oberstaufen Mohralpe 032
Oberstaufen Mtb Alpe Neugreut 04a
Nordic Walking Imberg 31 Oberstaufen
Oberstaufen Huettenleben 11
Oberstaufen Kuehe 04
Oberstaufen Mohralpe 032

Oberstaufen in Allgäu - ebike holiday destination

Do you fancy undertaking a bike tour without feeling exhausted? Would you prefer to leisurely cycle rather than hours of hard pedalling up steep inclines? Would you like to experience unlimited cycling fun that is usually reserved for the extreme-bikers? Then an E-bike is perfect for you!


Easy going uphill

Discover the pleasures of cycling at a leisurely pace with added fun and no time restraints, cycling through the beautiful countryside of Oberstaufen. Whether you choose a track around the Hündle mountain or in the higher regions of the mountains around Steibis, or to the breathtaking parts of the Paradies area, Oberstaufen has so many cycle paths to offer, each one different. Past green lush meadows, rushing streams and rivers and umpteen rustic resting stops, serving local food and refreshments. You can discover the outdoors best whilst cycling on your E-bike!

The good news

The especially developed cycle paths are easy to accomplish, even for the less trained cyclist. Every tour becomes an enjoyment and not a chore when using an E-bike, also known officially as the electric bike. The real advantages of the E-bike are its integrated motor for climbing efficiency and therefore geared for relaxed cruising.

The rent a bike stations

There are a wide selection of E-bikes to rent at one of the many rent a bike stations, from basic E-bike cruising models to E-mountain bikes. The high quality E-bikes are geared to different kinds of activities and have various motor assistances and rechargeable batteries, capable of travelling up to a distance of 100 km. The trained staff at the rent a bike stations will advise you and explain the handling of the E-bike.

 E-bike trips

Oberstaufen offers bike tours for all levels of ability. We have put together the best E-bike routes for you. Download the precise mapping of the various routes and GPS data on to your Smartphone and then it’s off you go. We are here to advise you in Oberstaufen.